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Here are some snapshots from my short yet very memorable trip to Malaysia. This was my first international trip so i was kind of excited.     All…


These set of photographs were shot three years after i shot her for the first time, she was i think about 22 when i shot these. Just a…


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I usually shoot my subjects (muse) for reference images for my art work. But I’m kinda starting to like shooting portraits, i always shoot them as they are,…


Some black and white frames i shot on our short and very memorable first trip to the northeast. shot these on an i phone 4s.  


Following are the Photographs from an impromptu Photo shoot of a dear friend. She hails from the beautiful region of Shilong and belongs to the Khasi¬†tribe. I think…

the three quarter Chinese.

the following are a series of images taken on the streets of bangalore.

photographing Spaces

The following are a series of photographs capturing spaces and architecture.


The following photographs capture the beautiful hands of my amma (maternal grandmother) whilst practicing her craft.